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We look at your critical processes and we automate them. Then we speed up your work and save money. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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Small and large companies from eight countries around the world for whom we worked and whom we saved time and money.

Real Savings

Savings from last year, which companies gained thanks to us.

Lines of Code

Every line saves
more than 1 USD . Tehn we stopped counting the lines of code.

Successful companies control their costs

Our automations significantly lower your costs. In our portfolio we have clients who save 220,000 dollars a year. Do you also want to lower your operational costs?

We always deliver what we promise. We can show you before the project even starts.

Human work is  the most expensive item in a company

Through automatation you lower the time necessary for production and company processes and thus gain a competitive advantage of faster provision of products and services. Also in that way there is a reduction of expenses for wages.

We know how to automate work in a company and thus significantly lower the demands for human work. You will resolve everything faster and more comfortably.

We guarantee our services in writing.

Machines do not make mistakes, a person does

When we automate the processes in a company, mistakes disappear.

You won’t have to fix anything; you won’t replace anything. You will be more successful, more efficient and handle the competition better.

Increase Profitability with Bespoke CRM

Cloud system for small and medium sized businesses that optimizes internal costs.


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This company saved thousands

Specifically, GBP 220,000 in two years

Read the story of a real company.

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One click and you have your results. You do not need an expensive information system. We transfer data from your systems or the internet. We know how to set it. One click is sufficient.


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What they say about us

On request, we will happily show you the entire portfolio of our clients.

Julia Sinclair

CEO Regus 

Very professional services. The solution was implemented directly for our processes and we have used them since 2010. I can confirm that a simple solution in Excel saved several full-time equivalent posts in Europe. I definitely recommend it.

Frantisek Zykan

CEO, Milos Structural Systems

The consultants helped create an effective reporting tool for our global business team. The investment in the solution returned quickly. We therefore use the services of regularly. Find out the full potential of Microsoft Excel.

Lukas Tesarik

CEO, Luparts

I appreciate the professional approach and help in the development of the automated application. Today, thanks to the app, I can get by with a mobile phone for managing a global business. If you want to automate your internal processes and you do not know exactly how to do it, I definitely recommend

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Payroll automation? Up to 80 % of savings

Payroll automation? Up to 80 % of savings

Estimate of the reduction of costs It is estimated that the automation of the calculation of wage calculation cuts costs by as much as 80 % (!). A large part of the savings of means and time is given by the elimination of errors when calculating the hours worked and...

Create quote in seconds. Sure, no problem with us

Create quote in seconds. Sure, no problem with us

Do you work the same way? Many small and medium-sized businesses win tenders with sales offers. It controls sales, which generate turnover and build relationships with customers. Although it is an important front-end part of the organization’s activities, few have set...

4 steps to speed up your business

4 steps to speed up your business

What is the first question that should occur to you – as a company owner – when you want to speed up any process? Can we reduce the number of steps? It is logical, precisely because the answer tells you how effective the individual processes are going. In an ideal...

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